Vendor Leasing information

Artist | Craftsman | Photographer | Antique/Art Dealer

At The Hilltop Gallery we offer premium retail space to a wide variety of clientele.

We value quality and community.

Whether it’s furniture, jewelry, or works of art. It is important to us to maintain quality inventory year round. Offering vendor leasing options within HG allows the community to be part of our mission.

Vendor Spacing and Prices are as follows:

  • A single bay in the back room = $50.00 per/month

  • A single bay in back of front room = $50.00 per/month (currently unavailable)

  • 7’ x 7’ (gallery wall space) = $180.00 per/month

  • 7’ x 11’ (gallery wall space) = $250.00 per/month

  • Easel = $25.00 per/month (not to exceed 24in x 30in)

(3 month contract minimum)

For more details, please inquire below.

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